Responsible automation policy

Always be responsible with automation on social media

Quuu is a content curation tool designed to save you time each day by finding relevant and high-quality content to post on social media. 

Here are some ways we are helping you be responsible with automation:

1: User cannot schedule the same post simultaneously across profiles. (To remove the possibility of cross-posting).

2: User cannot manually schedule the same post to different Twitter accounts that are scheduled for the same time.

3: User must manually add content suggestions to their schedule and create their own version of share text. We will suggest text to use, but this must be only used as inspiration.

4: User cannot submit duplicate content to profiles.

More coming soon, but for now, let's work together to be social on social. Engage with your audience, provide useful content (via Quuu) and take part in discussions across the social sphere.

Start using Quuu and social media responsibly today

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