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Recycling evergreen content ensures your social media schedule is always full giving you more time to concentrate on bigger and better things for your business

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We all have that great piece of content that we’ll want to use again, here’s how to make sure it pops up on your social over and over again to ultimately reach a larger audience.

Click the leaf

To mark your content as evergreen, simply click the leaf icon to open up your recycling options.

Set some options

Choose how many times you’d like Quuu to automatically recycle your post, and for how long. For seasonal content, set an expiration date.

Content library

Once marked as evergreen your content is stored in your own content library meaning it is easy to access again in the future.

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Why Quuu?

Quuu not only supplies the very best hand-curated content online to fill your schedule by automating content curation, Quuu also gives you the tools to schedule content for the future and make your content work for you by reusing evergreen content again and again.

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